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We are couple who have dedicated their professional life to veterinary medicine. Both of us have been interested in practice since the first days of study. We have many years of practice, foreign internships. We lectured at universities, congresses, and online webinars. In addition to field practice, we also have a lot of experience with clinical practice (university or private clinics), so we can compare and evaluate different options in the diagnosis and treatment of animals.

MVDr. Zuzana Boldižárová

We help animals

Acupuncture and Animal Physiology
Diagnosis of Back Problems in Horses
Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients in Home Environment
Corrections of bad habits

MVDr. Martin Boldižár, PhD.

We help animals

Kompletná veterinárna a ortopedická starostlivosť o kone
Diagnostika sedlania
Veterinárna starostlivosť o hospodárske zvieratá